Mallorca - the Mecca for Road-cyclists

                                                                                     - but also for all others cyclists ! 


 What place is more appropriate to start the cycling season!


Tens of thousands of cyclists, particularly road racers and triathletes come every spring to the training camp on this beautiful Balearic island to begin the cycling season . Because Mallorca offers ideal conditions for the effective start of the cycling season.


Whether by roadbike, trekking bike or mountain bike - Mallorca is always worth a visit!


In particular, the north of the island offers cyclists everything:

The streets, as well as most side roads are paved and to ride properly in good , also with the roadebike. The route network is very well developed, so that you can drive particularly from the north, beautiful round trips.

Whether you are in good condition, or must first get into shape. Whether you're traveling by roadbike, mountain bike or hybrid bike; Whether you want to go uncompromising training or on an expedition: Mallorca offers beautiful routes suitable for everyone. Whether flat, wavy or in the mountains whether 40km, 100 km or 300 km -. For every need and difficulty, there are many tours to choose. The round of the Playa de Muro,  Muro, Sineu and Petra is already creating with some basic fitness. The tour of the Orient, the Puig Major and Sa Calobra drive over 4000 meters in altitude in the legs.


What makes Mallorca so unique for cycling enthusiasts?

Is it the breathtaking scenery? The coexistence of mountains and sea? The teracottacolored  villages that have not changed for decades? The unique atmosphere if you sneezed on one of the many markedplaces, but especially in Petra, his cafe con leche? Is it the bloom of delicate white and pink almond blossoms, the red poppy fields or the yellow flower meadows? Is it the orange and lemon trees with their large ripe fruit? Is it the peace and quiet, if you ride far from the main road and just bleating sheep and the birds singing hear? Is it possible that you can do next to the cycling and swimming, hiking trail, and so much more?


The most pleasant time to even long bike rides to go are spring and autumn. But the summer has its appeal. In the hot months you should start driving as possible early in the morning. Although it might be initially difficult, but to experience how the sun rises from the sea, the island awakens slowly and as the pleasant morning freshness transformed into the heat of the day, getting up is worth. And before it gets really really hot then you hate your exit already finished and enjoys the day with your loved ones at sea.



Cycling is in Mallorca possible all the year, because even in the winter months the climate is mild. So you can for example engoy the legändere almond blossom, which  begins normaly End of January to experience by bike. The Mallorca-itinerary takes place in late January / early February. Join the many professional cycling teams, partly also with the A-cast, so you can see some professional  ciclysts. Our bicycle stations at the Playa de Muro and Can Picafort are indeed closed in the winter months, but we can deliver our bikes to your hotel or your private House (please inquire by e-mail).