Rent a Trekkingbike

Whether to the market to Alcudia (every Tuesday and Sunday ) or to Cap Formentor our trekking bikes bring you wherever you want. Outside closed villages helmets are required. So bring your helmet with you. Otherwise, if you hire a trekking bike, you can also rent a helmet. For make a reservation please use the contact.

Trekkingbike from Hercules 

for men and women

Shifters: Shimano, 21 gears

5 - 6 days: 13,-- € / Tag

ab 7 days:  12,-- € / Tag


Frame: Aluminium

Gabel: gefedert

Shifters: Shimano 9-gears

Motor: Bosch 36V/250 Watt


5 - 6 days:  20,-- €/Tag

7 days + :  17,-- €/Tag







Weekprice  65 €

Childrenbike from Scott, black-green



in different sizzes


Weekprice 56 €

Citybike with children-seat





its possible to fix it on a Citybike, Trekkingbike or also on an E-bike.


Helmet for the child is also free.